Aerofloat® specialises in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Aerofloat’s engineers design, manufacture and install compact, affordable and maintenance friendly wastewater treatment systems, using world-first patented DAF and MBBR technology. Aerofloat engineers have over 50 years’ experience in the wastewater treatment industry and can tailor a solution for you.


The Aerofloat DAF is a low maintenance wastewater solution, thanks to its unique patented scum removal system, which eliminates the need for mechanical scrapers. The Aerofloat MBBR has minimal downtime due to its unique removable aeration diffusers, which can be removed from the reactor while the process is still operating, without draining the tank or removing the biomedia.


Aerofloat specialises in the treatment of wastewater from a range of industries, including food and beverage, industrial markets, municipal waste and more. With its own patented technology plus access to a range of supporting equipment, Aerofloat can create tailored treatment solutions for various applications and effluent quality requirements.


Aerofloat engineers have combined proven treatment techniques with some smart engineering to create a product suite that requires less maintenance, less space and ultimately a more affordable treatment solution. We are industry leaders in Innovation and are always trying to improve traditional products and engineering practices.


Lindsay Crawford , 4 Pines Brewery

“Aerofloat were fantastic to work with. They were able to design and build a system that perfectly fits the space, removes any odour issues and meets the guidelines set out by Sydney Water.”

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