Low Maintenance Dairy Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Systems Available in Australia

Wastewater treatment is a major step in the day-to-day procedures for all food processing manufacturers, food serVICe businesses (like restaurants, food courts or commercial kitchens) and other food industry companies. The dairy industry has particularly lofty wastewater treatment expectations, thanks to …read more.

DAF Aerofloat: An Effective Dissolved Air Flotation Wastewater Treatment System, Homegrown Right Here in Australia

When it comes to investing in the equipment necesSAry to treat wastewater and meet regulator standards for SAfe discharge, why not keep your money local? When you work with Aerofloat—and specifically, with our state-of-the-art DAF water treatment systems—you are investing your money in an Australian company and …read more.

Looking for Wastewater Fat Removal Systems? Aerofloat Offers FOG, Suspended Solids, and Grease Trap alternatives for the Food Industry.

Wastewater FOG removal and suspended solids minimiSAtion is becoming an ever-increasing requirement for the food processing industry by the water authorities. Traditional wastewater grease traps are often not meeting the increased discharge standards and therefore regulators are requiring the …read more.

Looking for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems? Aerofloat Delivers Cost-Effective Solutions.

Traditional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) deVICes – their complicated mechanical scrapers, assembly requirements, and large open concrete or stainless steel tanks often mean high prices which can prove challenging for small-scale production plants in need of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Their budgets simply can’t …read more.

Aerofloat Connects Companies to Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatment Systems.

No matter how large and well designed the space, traditional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) deVICes can often take over. Their large tank footprints and numerous additional components take precious space from production lines. Also, the inlet and outlet configuration of traditional DAFs are fairly set, making fitting them into …read more.

Searching for Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Systems? Aerofloat now SerVICes the Meat Processing and Slaughterhouse Industries.

Traditional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems demand an excess of power and an excess of space. They often claim every corner, their large tanks churning in a constant whirl of water, grease, and animal fat. For larger abattoir companies, this proves acceptable. Those lacking the proper …read more.

DAF Aerofloat: Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment Systems for Food Industry Businesses in NSW, vic or SA

Wastewater is an unfortunate result of the food industry. From restaurants to food courts and major commercial kitchens, all the way to food processing plants and manufacturers, the food creation, preparation and serVICe industries all use water as a key component of their processes. But where does this water go after it …read more.

Become Discharge Compliant with Your Wastewater Treatment in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide

Does your business produce wastewater as a by-product or offset of everyday processes and activities? If so, chances are you are consistently dealing with authorities and regulators when it comes to the overall water quality of your wastewater discharge. Water regulators have standard allowable levels for FOG (fats, oils and greases) and SS (suspended solids), and …read more.

The DAF Aerofloat System: A New and Unique Food Processing Wastewater Treatment Solution for Brisbane, Melbourne and Beyond

At Aerofloat, we often cater to small food industry businesses looking to adopt wastewater treatment solutions for the first time, or to larger and more established food processing manufacturers that are on the hunt for a more efficient and more effective wastewater treatment method. Our DAF wastewater treatment system is a …read more.

Understanding Aerofloat’s Sludge Thickening Tank and Design

Originally designed for houseboats, the Aerofloat DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system has evolved into one of Australia’s top wastewater treatment technologies. Today, the list of potential uses for the Aerofloat DAF includes numerous …read more .

Managing the Challenges of Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater management, disposal and reuse are certainly among the top challenges of the dairy industry—not just in Australia, but globally. Recent years have seen an increased emphasis on recycling dairy waste to improve …read more .

Using DAF for Algae Removal Water Treatment Systems

From small inland ponds and lakes to water treatment systems themselves, algae growth doesn’t discriminate. With the right levels of light, temperature and pH—plus the presence of phosphorous and nitrogen in the water—algae will grow …read more .

How Aerofloat Provides Treatment Services to Facilitate Iron Removal from Groundwater

Between industrial plants, agricultural operations, waste disposal and other human activities, groundwater frequently becomes contaminated. Contaminants in the water can range from chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers to bacteria from septic tanks or …read more.

Protecting the World’s Freshwater Resources with Groundwater Remediation

When many of us think of the world’s largest reserves of freshwater, we think of massive freshwater lakes such as Lake Baikal in Siberia or Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes in the United States. However, while these lakes are notable for their huge reserves of …read more.

Aerofloat: Helping Building Companies Stay Compliant with Construction Site Dewatering and Wastewater Treatment

In a perfect world, construction teams would be able to finish their projects in the space of a day or two. Not only would the expedited process mean better efficiency and higher profits for the companies behind this projects, but it would also mean less …read more.