DAF Wastewater Treatment

DAF Aerofloat: An Effective Dissolved Air Flotation Wastewater Treatment System, Homegrown Right Here in Australia

When it comes to investing in the equipment necesSAry to treat wastewater and meet regulator standards for SAfe discharge, why not keep your money local? When you work with Aerofloat—and specifically, with our state-of-the-art DAF water treatment systems—you are investing your money in an Australian company and in a homegrown, government-funded product. Furthermore, the DAF Aerofloat is a green and energy efficient approach to DAF water treatment—meaning that your company won’t just be meeting trade waste sewer discharge standards, but will also be doing so in a way that respects the environment as a whole.

What is the DAF Aerofloat Wastewater Treatment System?

In 2009, Aerofloat was founded to market a product we had developed for houseboats. A dissolved air flotation (or DAF) system, the original Aerofloat was a compact, affordable, low-power and mechanically simple means of treating the wastewater created by houseboats to a level acceptable for discharge.

The innovative and simplified design of our dissolved air flotation system caught the eye of the Federal Government, and in 2011, Aerofloat was awarded a CommercialiSAtion Grant to take the design to the next level. In essence, the government wanted us to take our miniature wastewater treatment system and upscale it. We needed to create a larger, higher-capacity dissolved air flotation unit, but without losing the mechanical simplicity and energy efficiency of our original houseboat model.

So it was that the Aerofloat DAF came to be an in-demand water treatment system for a wide range of commercial businesses and manufacturers. Applications include(but not limited to) food processing manufacturers, commercial kitchens and restaurants, commercial laundries, residential living complexes and car/truck wash bays. Our system allows these businesses and others to remove suspended solids (SS) and fats, oils and greases (FOG) from their wastewater, in order to meet acceptable standards for discharge or reuse.

Supporting a Homegrown Australian Company

If and when your business implements Aerofloat’s DAF wastewater treatment system, you will be supporting a project that has grown and evolved fully as an Australian interest over the past six years. Furthermore, you will also be investing in the continuing development of our DAF water treatment technology. At this point in time, Aerofloat’s original dissolved air flotation concept cannot be upscaled any further, due to impractical height restrictions.

As a result, our talented engineers are currently working on the next stage of Aerofloat’s evolution – a new modular DAF concept that will bring our superior DAF water treatment technology to the larger trade waste industry.

Are you interested in keeping track of Aerofloat’s latest DAF wastewater treatment project, or in supporting the local Australian economy by investing in a DAF Aerofloat system for your business? In either case, you can learn more about our company and our products by visiting our website, at www.aerofloat.com.au. You can also contact us directly at our head office in Caringbah, NSW, by calling +61 (0)2 9544 1449.

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