Wastewater & Dairy Effluent Treatment

Low Maintenance Dairy Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Systems Available in Australia

Wastewater treatment is a major step in the day-to-day procedures for all food processing manufacturers, food serVICe businesses (like restaurants, food courts or commercial kitchens) and other food industry companies. The dairy industry has particularly lofty wastewater treatment expectations, thanks to the presence of whey as a common byproduct of the milk and cheese manufacturing process. Where most food manufacturers are aiming to filter suspended solids (SS) and fats, oils or grease (FOG) from their wastewater, only biological treatment methods can remove certain components from the waste of the dairy manufacturing process. At Aerofloat, we provide wastewater treatment systems across the food industry—from food or dairy manufacturing to food serVICe and preparation. Our core product, the Aerofloat DAF, is an effective dissolved air flotation system that can remove 97 per cent of all SS and FOG from wastewater. Often, this system is used by food processing manufacturers or commercial kitchens to meet the wastewater discharge standards set by municipal regulators.

Dairy Wastewater Treatment: The Challenge of Dairy Effluent Systems

When it comes to dairy wastewater treatment systems, the DAF Aerofloat can still play a role, but the process is more complicated. The challenge with dairy effluent systems is that they need to not only remove SS and FOG from the wastewater, but that they often also need to apply biological treatment methods to comply with relevant water discharge standards. As a result of this extra stipulation dairy effluent treatment systems typically include more steps than the average food processing wastewater treatment method. Therefore, for purposes of dairy wastewater treatment, the DAF Aerofloat is just one step of the process, responsible for removing SS and FOG from the wastewater. Due to the high efficiency of the Aerofloat DAF in the removal of SS and FOG, DAF treatment may be sufficient in meeting the discharge standards for the dairy require biological treatmentto reduce the COD and BOD further.

The DAF Aerofloat: A Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective Solution for Your Dairy Effluent Treatment System

If biological treatment is required, dairy effluent systems can often be quite costly to assemble, operate or maintain.than other standard wastewater treatment systems not requiring biological treatment. Fortunately, the Aerofloat DAF is an incredibly cost-effective product—both compared to traditional DAFs and to other pieces of machinery used in the dairy wastewater treatment process—meaning that investing in one will not impact your budget too heavily. So where will your business SAve money by investing in a DAF Aerofloat? First of all, the system’s ability to remove 97 per cent of SS and FOG from wastewater will keep your business fully compliant with all state and municipal water discharge standards that relate to those factors. Secondly, the cleverly simplistic mechanical design of the DAF Aerofloat will SAve you money both upfront (the Aerofloat is less expensive than many other DAFs on the market) and in the long run. Fewer mechanical components mean a lower power draw, which means you will be spending less to keep the DAF Aerofloat running than you will be on other parts of your dairy effluent treatment system. The reduction in mechanical componentry also means limited maintenance for the DAF Aerofloat. Dairy wastewater treatment systems are complex, highly involved systems with multiple steps. Don’t add extra complications into the mix with a pricy, maintenance-heavy DAF system. Invest in the Aerofloat DAF instead, and enjoy the simplicity and ease-of-use that the product brings to your dairy effluent system.


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