Greywater Treatment

Aerofloat’s first mini-DAF was specifically designed for the treatment of greywater from houseboats on the Murray River, South Australia.  The compact, energy efficient, maintenance friendly design saw the Aerofloat DAF installed on over 120 boats on the Murray River.  Today, Lake Eildon (in Victoria) are continuing the push for greywater treatment on houseboats with a number of vessels already complying with new legislation by using the Aerofloat system.

Aerofloat’s products are suited to a range of greywater treatment applications, including:

  • Houseboat greywater treatment
  • Commercial laundries
  • Greywater treatment from large residential buildings
  • Greywater treatment and potential reuse on mine sites

Depending on the ultimate use of the treated effluent, additional equipment (such as sand filtration, ultra-filtration or UV disinfection) can be added to the process to improve the water quality.