Aerofloat-100 first installation

Aerofloat-100 first installation

Aerofloat-100 first installation.


Sunfresh Salads has contracted Aerofloat to install its Model 100 Aerofloat DAF systems to pretreat its process wastewater prior to discharge to sewer. Existing facilities includes course screening and the provision of a commercial size grease trap.

Sunfresh Salads is a manufacturer of pre-packaged and bulk salads in Adelaide Australia. It offers a diverse range of freshly prepared, high quality salads, side dishes and other meal solutions to the retail and food service market.

South Australian Water (SA Water) is the water supply and sewerage authority in Adelaide, South Australia. SA Water’s collection and treatment systems are designed for wastewater from normal activities in households and wastewater from office amenities. Trade waste is any wastewater arising from industrial, business, trade or manufacturing processes. Where trade wastes are discharged to SA Water’s sewer, the discharge must comply with the conditions of trade waste discharge permits.

Sunfresh is required to improve the quality of their discharge to comply with a number of requirements but in particular the total “Suspended Solids –SS” needs to be reduced to less than 500 mg/l and the “Grease and Oil” to less than 100 mg/l. Current discharge levels regularly exceed these discharge levels. As proven in rigorous certification testing conditions Aerofloat removes in excess of 90% of SS and Grease and Oil and a similar removal efficiency is predicted for Sunfresh.

Aerofloat has designed and commenced the installation of a system which provides the following features –

  • Improved pre-screening facilities
  • Conversion of the grease trap into a combined sedimentation tank and pumping station using dry mounted pumps
  • Installation of an Aerofloat dissolved air floatation (DAF) system
  • A holding tank for the solids and grease removed in the DAF
  • Continuous measurement and recording of pH and flowrate.
  • The plant will be commissioned during October and is expected to be fully operational late November 2012.


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