Food production wastewater treatment

Food production wastewater treatment

Food processing wastewater


The Aerofloat 3500 is proving to be an attractive wastewater treatment option for many food processing companies.


The first 3500 was installed for Sunfresh Salad in Adelaide. Sunfresh was consistently exceeding its wastewater discharge limits set by SA Water. The existing grease trap was not managing to treat the waste stream to the required quality. Since installing the Aerofloat 3500 the Suspended solids and Grease levels have decreased dramatically and are now meeting the SA Water requirements.


A second unit is currently being installed for MSM Milling in Manildra in NSW. MSM processes canola seed into grain and vegetable oil and was also looking for a small DAF solution. Again, the existing treatment facility at MSM was not producing the desired effluent quality. The MSM engineering and management team recognised the need for a small DAF and purchased an Aerofloat 3500.


In addition to being a product supplier Aerofloat Australia also designs and project manages the entire treatment solution from collection, flow balancing and pH correction to the installation of regulatory metering on the discharge. Aerofloat staff have over 40 years’ of experience in the wastewater treatment industry.


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