Green and Gold Houseboats

Green and Gold Houseboats

Green and Gold Houseboats


Aerofloat is happy to announce an agreement with Green and Gold Houseboats to be the exclusive provider of greywater treatment systems for the Green and Gold fleet.

Green and Gold Houseboats is one of the largest privately owned fleets in South Australia, located at Waikerie on the Murray River in South Australia. James Copeland, the owner of Green and Gold houseboats, says

“We are proud that we have finally made this decision and look forward to putting the Green back into Green and Gold.”

After testing an Aerofloat 13 system on one of their busiest boats, ‘Katarina’, for almost 12 months Copeland said

“We have concluded that your Aerofloat system is the best on the market and the easiest to maintain.”

Aerofloat will install seven Aerofloat 13 treatment systems over the coming eighteen months. This unit treats 13L/min and is our most popular of the four available systems. The Aerofloat design has passed rigorous independent certification testing – treating 1800L/day of synthetic greywater for 10 continuous weeks.


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