Commercialisation Australia (CA) grant

Commercialisation Australia (CA) grant


In July of 2011, Aerofloat was awarded a Commercialisation Australia (CA) grant from the Australian Federal Government to assist in the development, testing and commercialisation of a new larger product. This support is a testament to CA’s confidence in the performance and capability of the Aerofloat product.

Following the successful implementation of the Aerofloat product into the houseboat market; successful product certification testing and increasing demand from the South Australian and Victorian houseboat markets, Aerofloat has decided to extend its market offering and product range. This is being made possible by the CA grant. A new larger model treating 3500 litres per hour has been developed (based on the same patented and proven design). The Model 3500 will be primarily used both nationally and internationally for the following markets –

  • Industries producing low volumes of industrial wastewater and
  • Multi-unit residential greywater treatment and reuse
  • The new model has already had significant interest from firms across North America and many companies and industry bodies around Australia. Aerofloat is at the final stages of prototype testing and it is expected that the Model 3500 will be rolling off the production line mid-2012.

    The 3500 model is ideal for treating (either as a standalone system or in conjunction with other processes) small volumes of industrial wastewaters. Examples of these applications include:

    • Treatment of waste from high pressure water cleaners. These are often used in the cleaning of large marine craft, mining equipment, trucks etc.
    • Treatment of bilge water from marine vessels
    • Automatic vehicle washing operations
    • Treatment of the first flush collection of rain water runoff from large areas contaminated with solids, oils, fats and greases e.g. Airports, boat slips, mechanical workshops etc
    • Pre-treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to sewers – example industries include:

      small food processers, pet food manufacturing, fast food outlets, packaging operations, drum cleaning, commercial kitchens and laundries and other small manufacturing facilities


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