Aerofloat has developed unique technology for the treatment of sewage from mining campsites for populations of up to 2000 people. The technology has been successfully used in more than 500 sewage plants around Australia.

Mining companies struggle to effectively meet sewage treatment demands with fluctuating populations at mining camps.  Aerofloat offers a suite of systems that treat both sewage and greywater within the mining camps regardless of changes in population size.

National Mining Chronicle spoke with Aerofloat Managing Director Ray Anderson, who has been involved in the water industry for over 50 years.

“There is a definite need for better control over sewage management in the mining industry,” Mr Anderson said.

“Many systems we see in use across Australia are outdated and don’t respond favourably to changes in population at mining sites.”

Unlike many competitors, the AeroSBR sewage treatment technology does not use membrane technologies – such as membrane bio-reactors (MBRs), which typically require regular chemical cleaning and periodic replacement due to membrane blockage. Furthermore, the AeroSBR can be custom-sized, is easy to maintain, compact and above all, affordable.

At the core of Aerofloat’s innovative product suite is its patented aeration technology which allows the systems to be easily maintained and allows the air diffusers to be checked whilst the plant is in operation.

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