The Aerofloat product range includes 7 different model sizes of varying flowrate and ideal application.  All of the models use the same patented hydraulic float removal system and core design features.  The Aerofloat DAFs are relatively compact, mechanically simple and are ultimately more affordable DAF solutions compared with conventional systems.

Aerofloat 100

The Aerofloat 100 is the flagship model of the product suite.  Treating 100L/min this unit is popular across a range of industries – particularly the small food processing companies.

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Aerofloat 200

The Aerofloat 200 was designed  in response to client demand for larger capacity systems.  Treating 200L/min (24m3/hr) the unit is also available in stainless steel.  Multiple standalone systems have also been installed in parallel to increase the overall treatment rate and allow medium flow wastewater producers access to this unique and innovative technology.

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Aerofloat Modular DAF

The Modular DAF incorporates a series of the Aerofloat 200 tanks banked together to increase the overall capacity.  The Modular DAF can be configured to be a model 400, 600 or 800 (treating  4000-800 L/min respectively).  The key feature of these systems is that they only require one feed pump, one dissolver and one outlet valve to ensure the design meets Aerofloat’s key feature of affordable DAF solutions.

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Aerofloat 7

The Aerofloat 7 unit is used to treat greywater on houseboats.  There are over 120 Aerofloat units installed on the Murray River in South Australia and Lake Eildon in Victoria.

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Aerofloat 13

The Aerofloat 13 is ideal for very low flow industrial wastewater treatment, residential greywater and greywater treatment for larger houseboats or ships.

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The Aerofloat MBBR Aerofloat’s patent pending MBBR technology is another world first, offering a simple, cost effective solution to traditional wastewater treatment methods.  The unique design of the spargers allows them to be removed from the reactor while the process is still operating, without draining the tank or removing the biomedia.

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Aerofloat is proud to be Australian made and owned: Australian Certification

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