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Aerofloat 13

Aerofloat 13

The Aerofloat 13 is ideal for very low flow industrial wastewater treatment, residential greywater and greywater treatment for larger houseboats or ships.

As with all the Aerofloat systems, the Aerofloat 13 uses the patented scum removal system, is mechanically simple and compact.  The Aerofloat 13 can be designed to fit within a small enclosure and has been part of a total containerised water treatment package.

 Typical Applications:

  • Small food processing plants
  • Low flow industrial waste
  • Larger houseboats and ships
  • Greywater treatment
  • Small manufacturing industries

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Power and utility requirements

Aerofloat 13 system:

  • 2 amps, single phase. The main power draw is the 180W feed pump and the 180W recirculation pump.
  • Water supply for maintenance purposes

Weights and dimensions

  • Total operating weight: Approximately 400kg
  • Dimensions: 1.6m High x 0.9m Wide x 0.7m Deep
    NOTE: Dimensions for Aerofloat DAF, recirculation pump and saturator/dissolver.

Aerofloat DAF package inclusions

  • Aerofloat DAF System
  • Control panel
  • Feed pump
  • Recirculation pump
  • Coagulant dosing pump
  • Flocculent dosing pump
  • Coagulation coil
  • Float switches

Pre-treatment package

  • Control panel
  • Duty and standby transfer pumps
  • Float switches
  • Acid and Caustic dosing pumps
  • pH controller
  • Blending tank mixer

NOTE: these need for these components is dependent on the wastewater being treated.

Possible additional requirements

  • Pre screening
  • Hydraulic balance tank – to allow for peak flow production if in excess of system treatment capacity.
  • Blending Tank – Strength balance and pH correction tank with mixer
  • Manual polymer make up tank
  • Waste holding tank for scum storage.
  • Continuous pH & flow monitoring + Data logging

What our clients say about us

  • “Aerofloat was professional and dedicated to ensure the Model 13 unit was installed on time and in line with our new boat specifications.  We were very happy with the team’s performance during construction and installation and we are also very pleased with the performance of the Aerofloat unit to date.”
  • Dear Ray,

    As you know Green and Gold Houseboats is one of the largest privately owned fleets in South Australia. We have concluded that your Aerofloat system is the best on the market and the easiest to maintain. After testing an Aerofloat 13 on our busiest boat for almost 12 months we would like to implement a schedule for the fit out of the rest of our fleet. We are proud that we have finally made this decision and look forward to putting the Green back into Green and Gold. Regards,

    James Copeland

  • To whom it may concern.

     I have an Aerofloat greywater treatment system fitted on my boat "Jaydee" and can only find good things to say about it. It has been installed now for about a year and we have experienced no problems with the unit. As we have no shore power at the moment we operate on a batch basis, ie. when the tank is about half full we start our generator and run the system until it empties and turns off, typically 1 hour, and usually in the evening whilst watching TV. The unit is mounted on our foredeck adjacent to our lounge room and is barely audible. Maintenance is easy and routinely attended to, it is simply a matter of cleaning the bag filter and float chamber on a weekly basis, this takes about 15 minutes,  and flushing out the holding tank whenever we attend a pump-out station. About twice per year I clean out the system tank, about 30 minutes work. The system produces clear water and we feel proud to be able to make some contribution to the well-being of our river.

    We have been very happy with the service shown by Aerofloat and their dedication to their customer base and the product.

    John Doughty

  • “We had the Aerofloat Greywater Treatment system fitted to both our houseboats, Moon Dance & Moon Shadow. They were obliging with our needs and modified  their design to fit the units underneath the back stairs of each boat.

    Their after sales service has been excellent & the systems have  performed to our expectations. We found them easy to deal with & would highly recommend Aerofloat.”

  • My name is Chris Christopher and I am the owner of Sunfresh Salads in South Australia.

    I installed an Aerofloat 100 unit to treat the production wastewater.

    I am impressed with the commitment of the Aerofloat team, and the effectiveness of their product.

    And ultimately… I am now comfortable that I am continuously meeting the SA Water discharge standard.

    I would be happy recommending Aerofloat to similar companies with waste water problems

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