Aerofloat 13

Aerofloat 13

The Aerofloat 13 is ideal for very low flow industrial wastewater treatment, residential greywater and greywater treatment for larger houseboats or ships.

As with all the Aerofloat systems, the Aerofloat 13 uses the patented scum removal system, is mechanically simple and compact.  The Aerofloat 13 can be designed to fit within a small enclosure and has been part of a total containerised water treatment package.

 Typical Applications:

  • Small food processing plants
  • Low flow industrial waste
  • Larger houseboats and ships
  • Greywater treatment
  • Small manufacturing industries

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Power and utility requirements

Aerofloat 13 system:

  • 2 amps, single phase. The main power draw is the 180W feed pump and the 180W recirculation pump.
  • Water supply for maintenance purposes

Weights and dimensions

  • Total operating weight: Approximately 400kg
  • Dimensions: 1.6m High x 0.9m Wide x 0.7m Deep
    NOTE: Dimensions for Aerofloat DAF, recirculation pump and saturator/dissolver.

Aerofloat DAF package inclusions

  • Aerofloat DAF System
  • Control panel
  • Feed pump
  • Recirculation pump
  • Coagulant dosing pump
  • Flocculent dosing pump
  • Coagulation coil
  • Float switches

Pre-treatment package

  • Control panel
  • Duty and standby transfer pumps
  • Float switches
  • Acid and Caustic dosing pumps
  • pH controller
  • Blending tank mixer

NOTE: these need for these components is dependent on the wastewater being treated.

Possible additional requirements

  • Pre screening
  • Hydraulic balance tank – to allow for peak flow production if in excess of system treatment capacity.
  • Blending Tank – Strength balance and pH correction tank with mixer
  • Manual polymer make up tank
  • Waste holding tank for scum storage.
  • Continuous pH & flow monitoring + Data logging

What our clients say about us

  • Matt Savage - Apex Environmental New Zealand

    George Weston Foods Auckland bakery needed to reduce the levels of fat, oil and grease in their discharge in order to comply with trade waste laws. With Aerofloat’s support, the treatment facility was able to reduce the levels of suspended solids by 97%, and oil and grease levels by 99%, thereby easily achieving compliance with council regulations.

    In both examples, the compact nature of the Aerofloat system allowed for the installation of additional treatment products on sites that have space constraints.

    The Aerofloat DAF and MBBR systems dramatically reduce the COD in the effluent from dairy processing plants with a simple and economical option - making them the go-to solutions for dairies in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Sam Montalto of Monte Fresco Cheese

    Sam has been working in the cheese-making industry all his life. Two years ago he had a vision of what he wanted his new Sydney factory to look like and called upon Aerofloat’s Michael Anderson to help him to realise his dream. “Michael was able to pull all the pieces together and help me to create exactly what I had envisioned – and all within my budget.”

    “I didn’t want to go with the conventional DAFs. I’ve used them all my life and they generate alot of smell. Aerofloat’s DAF has the waste going into an enclosed chamber so it isn’t exposed.”

    “In my lifetime career working in the dairy industry this is the only DAF that I’ve found that eliminates the smell factor. What’s more, the water board is happy with the end result – and that’s important!”

    Monte Fresco Cheese was awarded a Gold Award at the 2016 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show for its beautiful ricotta.
  • Allen Box - Norco Foods

    ENV Solutions conducted an independent comparative analysis of different solutions, and the Aerofloat DAF system was the one it recommended. Box says Norco employees travelled to New Zealand to see a similar project installation for Westland’s Milk, and agreed to move forward with the Aerofloat solution.

    Now our people are getting involved to find out all the ins and outs of how it works,” Box says. Also, because the Aerofloat tanks are fully enclosed, Box says this should eliminate the odours associated with older units that operate by more traditional DAF units on other sites, which use scrapers to remove scum, demanding more maintenance and staff supervision.

    With no moving parts, he anticipates that Aerofloat’s solution will prove far easier to operate than these. “With these new units, we’re hoping we can do a daily check to make sure it’s working alright, and then let it run itself,” he says. “If this works out as we hope, then Aerofloat may well become the solution for our other plants when existing DAFs reach their end of life.”
  • Karen Neil - Ruby and Roy’s

    Known for their multi-award winning (and utterly divine) yoghurt brand, Ruby and Roy’s, Karen and Simon worked with Aerofloat’s Ray Anderson to install a new DAF system late last year.

    After exploring the products on offer, Karen and Simon felt that Aerofloat would give them exactly what they needed, with the confidence of a job well done and the added bonus of the right price tag.

    Karen muses on the process of finding the right supplier for their business, “Ray made us feel completely assured that we were going in the right direction. We met other suppliers promising improbable results for a lot of money. Ray was never going to leave us with something that was half-done.”

    “Ray is passionate about what he does, and it shows.”
  • “Aerofloat were fantastic to work with. They were able to design and build a system that perfectly fits the space, removes any odour issues and meets the guidelines set out by Sydney Water.”
  • Chris Christopher - Sunfresh Salads

    My name is Chris Christopher and I am the owner of Sunfresh Salads in South Australia.

    I installed an Aerofloat 100 unit to treat the production wastewater.

    I am impressed with the commitment of the Aerofloat team, and the effectiveness of their product.

    And ultimately… I am now comfortable that I am continuously meeting the SA Water discharge standard.

    I would be happy recommending Aerofloat to similar companies with waste water problems

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