Aerofloat 7

Aerofloat 7 Micro DAF

The Aerofloat 7 was developed in late 2010 and has been specifically designed for the houseboat greywater treatment market. Many vessels require light weight, low height and a small footprint system that often only has 2-12 people on board – the Aerofloat 7 is ideally suited for these applications. The Aerofloat 7 is the smallest product in the Aerofloat DAF range.  The greywater treatment system treats at the rate of 7 litres per minute, only producing ~2% of the flow as waste float material and weighs approximately 195 kilograms when full of water.

Aerofloat has over 120 installations on the Murray River in South Australia and Lake Eildon in Victoria.

Aerofloat also has a modified design specifically developed for the Lake Eildon market to fit the units within the hulls of houseboats.

To date, Aerofloat is the only company to have satisfactorily completed the rigorous testing for certification to the Australian Standard (AS 4995-2009) for greywater treatment for houseboats.  The unit was independently tested by the University of New South Wales treating 1800L/d of synthetic greywater, 7 days a week or 10 weeks.  The product is also endorsed by the South Australian EPA.

Through our years of experience we know that each houseboat is unique and we are happy to assist with the design of a customised configuration.  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss a solution for your needs.

What we do

What is the treatment capacity?


The Aerofloat 7 will treat 7 litres per minute.

0.4 m3/hr – 400L per Hour

What are the dimensions of the unit?

Dimensions: 0.9m High x 0.7m Wide x 0.5m Deep
NOTE: Dimensions for Aerofloat DAF, recirculation pump and saturator/dissolver.

What is the power draw?

Aerofloat 7 system:

  •  1.5 amps, single phase. The main power draw is the 120W feed pump and the 120W recirculation pump.
  • Water supply for maintenance purposes

Aerofloat DAF package inclusions

  • Aerofloat DAF System
  • Control panel
  • Feed pump
  • Recirculation pump
  • Coagulant dosing pump
  • Flocculent dosing pump
  • Coagulation coil
  • Float switches

Pre-treatment package

  • Wastewater holding tank
  • Control panel
  • Duty and standby transfer pumps
  • Float switches

NOTE: these need for these components is dependent on the wastewater being treated.

Possible additional requirements

  • Pre screening
  • Manual polymer make up tank
  • Waste holding tank for scum storage
  • pH correction