4 Pines Brewery

4 Pines Brewery

4 Pines Brewery

Sydney brewer 4 Pines recently opted for Aerofloat’s compact, low maintenance and completely sealed DAF as part of its brewery expansion.

4 Pines have expanded its operations, starting with an upgrade to its Brookvale brewery in order to increase production by up to 50 per cent. A key component of this upgrade was to ensure its systems adhered to environmental standards. Sydney Water has strict compliance guidelines around wastewater from breweries, stipulating the acceptable pH range and the concentration of suspended solids before it is discharged to sewer. Ensuring its Brookvale facility met Sydney Water’s discharge requirements was essential.

The available space provided a challenge for wastewater treatment: there was only a small 15m2 footprint available and the area was next to the public bar where food and beer is served. The brewery needed a wastewater system to remove the solids from the wastewater and correct the pH before discharging to the sewer. The company therefore opted for Aerofloat’s compact, low maintenance and completely sealed DAF.


The Project

Aerofloat provided a custom wastewater solution for 4 Pines based on its patented DAF technology, allowing for a compact, odour-free solution. Aerofloat’s engineers used  3D CAD modelling to custom design a solution to fit in the small space available. Part of the design process was ensuring any potential odours were captured and vented outside to prevent any contamination in a food grade environment. As the Aerofloat DAF is fully sealed, Aerofloat’s engineers were able to model the fit out so the DAF was connected directly to a roof vent, venting any potential odours outside.

Also, the Aerofloat DAF is essentially a set and forget system, as it automates chemical dosing, chemical make-up, level control, water consolidation and pH correction. Any routine maintenance required is minimal, due to the unique self-cleaning shape of the DAF with hopper top and bottom tanks, that recirculate settled solids and prevent the need for routine cleaning.

Remote monitoring capabilities allow 4 Pines technicians to log onto the system from anywhere in the world to check the operations, monitor the waste and make adjustments as required. Aerofloat engineers can also login on request and give advice to optimise the efficiency of the treatment system.

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