NORCO Dairies Welcome Aerofloat Solution

Australian farmer-owned dairy cooperative, NORCO, recently sought to upgrade its existing treatment facility on the Gold Coast. Known for its quality milk and dairy products, the cooperative needed to ensure adequate room for growth whilst complying with the ever-increasing trade waste demands of the Gold Coast City Council. NORCO contracted ENV Solutions to propose a compact, workable solution at a competitive price.

After extensive analysis, Aerofloat was the recommended company of choice. Aerofloat’s considered designs for each project create innovative and cost effective solutions. Following on from the Gold Coast project, Aerofloat has been contracted to upgrade NORCO’s Raleigh plant in NSW.

The Project

Aerofloat is responsible for treating NORCO’s wastewater for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS ). Aerofloat’s design at Norco consists of two Aerofloat 400 Modular DAFs to separate out the milk fat and protein (by removing the majority of the suspended solids (SS) and fat, oil and grease (FOG)), followed by MBBRs to further reduce the BOD/COD and finally the Aerofloat 200 DAF to separate out biological solids from MBBRs.

Recent results show that the Aerofloat design at Norco has significantly reduced the BOD/COD levels in the wastewater. Gold Coast City Council Limits are 1500mg/L for COD and 700mg/L for TSS: The Aerofloat DAFs and MBBR designs at Norco are discharging water to council with 720mg/L of COD and 28mg/L of TSS.

This mixed effluent stream from the Modular DAF and MBBRs therefore results in SS, FOG and BOD/COD levels which more than meet the local water authority’s requirements.