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Fyna Foods

Fyna Foods installs Aerofloat pH correction system

Fyna Foods – the company known for creating timeless confectionary products like Wizz Fizz – recently engaged Aerofloat to set up an automated pH correction system at its Victorian plant.

The previous trade waste system was paired with an old and antiquated pH testing system that regularly needed probe replacement and checking. It was also hard for staff to ascertain the actual pH of wastewater at discharge, which would have serious implications for the business should the levels be outside of the company’s trade waste agreement.

Chief Executive Officer, Gillian Powell chose Aerofloat after meeting the company’s management team at a trade waste show.

“Aerofloat’s cost-effective treatment options appealed to our business and size of operation. The team was excellent in assisting Fyna with a number of options that would ensure compliance to our trade waste agreement. Understanding the regulations isn’t easy if you don’t specialise in the area so I was grateful to Aerofloat’s Managing Director, Ray Anderson, for his patience with my questions over the journey from quote to commencement of the installation.”

The system is performing well at Fyna.

“We now have a fully operational system, our staff are trained and involved in the trade waste operations and well-informed of the regulations and compliancy requirements we need to meet,” says Powell.


The Project

The automated correction system at Fyna means that both the site staff and Aerofloat engineers can keep track of the temperature and pH levels of the wastewater prior to discharge.

“Understanding the wastewater impurities, the placement of wastewater systems and production controls was integral to setting up an automated pH correction system at Fyna,” says Aerofloat’s Ray Anderson.

“We needed to create a product that would allow Fyna to operate year-round, regardless of outside temperatures and production variations, with the guarantee that the wastewater pH at discharge would be well within the local council guidelines.”