Australian Recycled Plastics – Narrabri

Australian Recycled Plastics – Narrabri

Australian Recycled Plastics - Narrabri

Aerofloat was contracted to install a water recycling system for Australian Recycled Plastics in Narrabri. The company required the water used in the manufacturing process to be recycled for the washing and rinsing processes in the plant.  Prior to the Aerofloat fitout, the water used in the washing and rinsing of recycled plastic was affecting the final product resulting in non-compliance due to colour and odour.

The Project

This project saw the first installation of the newly patented Modular DAF and Patent Pending MBBR system. (MBBR) to manage the biological components of the wastewater.

The effluent quality achieved from the Aerofloat wastewater treatment system has allowed the water to be recycled back to the manufacturing plant with no adverse effects on the final product.

This project included: pH correction, balance tanks, MBBRs, a Modular DAF 800 downstream of the MBBRs to polish the effluent.  The project incorporated some existing treatment infrastructure (pump station, effluent tanks, vibrating screen) to improve the effluent quality further.