Pope Packaging

Pope Packaging

Pope Packaging

Pope Packaging is a leading Australian supplier of paper, plastic and textile packaging products.  Its manufacturing and distribution sites are located in most capital cities throughout Australia. Aerofloat was contracted to install a wastewater treatment plant for the management of Pope’s production waste from one of its South Australian facilities. A lot of the packaging is custom printed and as such the wastewater produced has an average suspended solids loading of 16,000mg/L.

Pope currently pump out all of their wastewater at a high cost, Aerofloat proved it could treat the wastewater and were awarded the project.

The Project

When many of the large wastewater companies said ‘it was untreatable’, Aerofloat stepped in. With Very high solids, minimal space for processing and a limited budget, Aerofloat said it was treatable, and have now successfully commissioned the total system to the SA water discharge requirements.

The project included the design, installation and commissioning of an Aerofloat 100 unit plus hydraulic balancing, screening and pH correction.  The wastewater is initially diluted with additional washwater to reduce the suspended solids concentration to approximately 8,000 mg/L.

Aerofloat will work closely with closely affiliated associates of Pope Packaging to complete the installation of the system.  Aerofloat is ultimately responsible for the project management of the system but worked with contracted plumbers, electricians and builders.  Aerofloat is responsible for the commissioning of the system and the ongoing operational support.

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