Ruby and Roys

Ruby and Roys

Ruby and Roys

Having been in the yoghurt production business since 2005, Karen and Simon Neil of The Fabulous Fresh Brothers had had enough of the smell generated from conventional DAFs.

Known for their multi-award winning (and utterly divine) yoghurt brand, Ruby and Roy’s, the team worked with Aerofloat’s Ray Anderson to install a new DAF system late last year.

After exploring the products on offer, Karen and Simon felt that Aerofloat would give them exactly what they needed, with the confidence of a job well done and the added bonus of the right price tag.

Karen muses on the process of finding the right supplier for their business, “Ray made us feel completely assured that we were going in the right direction. We met other suppliers promising improbable results for a lot of money. Ray was never going to leave us with something that was half-done. He is passionate about what he does, and it shows.”


The Project

Ruby and Roy’s contracted Aerofloat to install A treatment plant to meet tradewaste discharge standards for Sydney Water. The project included the supply, install of all equipment following by commissioning with ongoing service.

The process includes Primary screen, pH correction, coagulation and flocculation following by Aerofloat 100 DAF flotation for solids separation. The images here speak for themselves for SS and grease removal and BOD reduction.