Screening Products

Screening Products

A necessary part of all municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, wastewater screening retains solids found in the wastewater. These solids should be removed at the beginning of any water treatment process, to prevent equipment failures and damage.

Aerofloat screening units stand for

  • optimum performance, high product quality and
  • long life combined with easy operation and maintenance

Rotary drum filters

External rotary drum filters screen wastewater via a rotating screening drum, the solids are scraped from the surface of the drums. They are ideally suited to food manufacturers with large amount of food in their wastewater.
They are a robust a reliable product suited to many industrial wastewater applications.

Sieve bends

Sieve bends are for industrial WWTP pre treatment screening for a simple, zero moving parts solution. Solids a sceened out via wedge wire, solids captured in screenings bins below.

Vibrating Screens

Aerofloat have installed many Vibrating screens ideal when trying to filter solids of varying sizes. The team have installed them on plastics recycling projects to recover product, and remove grit ahead of Aerofloat MBBR and DAF.

Mechanical Filters

Inline mechanical screens are suited when height is not available for a rotary screen. The wastewater flows through the inline screen and flows out through the screen outlet with the solids are being collected inside the filter chamber. A brush and valve arrangement discharges screenings. Great for odours.