Remote Sewage Treatment Plants

Aerofloat provides sewage treatment plants (STPs) for:

  • short term remote facilities such as mining camps and
  • off-sewer developments such as resorts, caravan / mobile home parks and residential developments.

The Aerofloat STPs utilise a unique combination of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) technologies. The patented Aerofloat MBBR aeration lance technology and the airlock-syphon decanting system are at the heart of a simple-to-install, low-maintenance and cost effective sewage treatment solution.


  • Treatment tanks: The industrial grade tanks are manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE) which are robust, light and easy to transport by road.
  • Turn-key installation: The majority of the mechanical components of the plant arrive fully assembled, pre-wired and ready to go. Simply connect the pipework from the container to the tanks for simple installation.
  • Low maintenance: Removable lances in the MBBR allow cleaning to take place without the need to drain the tank or stop the process.
  • Cost effective: The tanks used are standard sizes and are made of LDPE instead of expensive stainless steel or painted carbon steel, making them a cost effective solution.
  • Relocatable: The STPs components fit into a shipping container and the lightweight HDPE tanks allows for the relocation to alternative sites.
  • Scalable and modular: The STPs are a modular design and are suitable for populations between 50 and 2000 persons.
  • Automation: The STPs are provided with a fully automated system for process control and has the capability of remote monitoring of the plant.