Wastewater Treatments

Become Discharge Compliant with Your Wastewater Treatment in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide

Does your business produce wastewater as a by-product or offset of everyday processes and activities? If so, chances are you are consistently dealing with authorities and regulators when it comes to the overall water quality of your wastewater discharge. Water regulators have standard allowable levels for FOG (fats, oils and greases) and SS (suspended solids), and if your company is discharging wastewater to a municipal sewer or water treatment facility, then you are responsible for complying with those standards.

At Aerofloat, we specialise in helping businesses to meet water quality standards for their wastewater discharges. Our primary product, the Aerofloat DAF, is a dissolved air flotation system that will treat your wastewater, filter out FOG and SS and clean it to the point where it is at an acceptable standard for discharge to a wastewater treatment facility in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania or any other municipal area in Australia. The Aerofloat DAF is a high-quality product that consistently produces high effluent quality, and it can help you to avoid troubles with authorities and regulators.

Businesses Already Using Aerofloat DAF for Wastewater Treatment in Sydney or Melbourne

A wide range of manufacturers are already using the Aerofloat DAF for their wastewater treatment purposes. Aerofloat is confident with meeting discharge standards in Tasmania, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. Since opening our doors in 2009, we at Aerofloat have discussed options with the food manufacturing and serVICe industries, including food processing manufacturers, restaurants, food courts, commercial kitchens and other similar businesses.

In these food-related industries, grease traps are often seen as the ‘basic’ wastewater treatment deVICes used to remove FOG and SS from production wastewater. However, grease traps are largely inadequate when it comes to cleaning wastewater to an acceptable quality for discharge. For large or growing manufacturers or kitchens, something more sophisticated is a necessity, and the Aerofloat DAF has been able to meet that need and provide superior wastewater treatment technology in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.

In addition to working with companies in the food manufacturing, processing and serVICe industries, Aerofloat has also provided propoSAls for a number of other trade waste polluters. Commercial laundries, carwash bays and large residential complexes can all benefit from the Aerofloat DAF to treat their wastewater and meet different discharge standards.

Other Goals for the Aerofloat DAF

At Aerofloat, we also have other goals and potential applications for the DAF water treatment system. In particular, we believe that the system has potential as a primary water treatment technology in developing countries. In its every application for Australian corporations and manufacturers, the Aerofloat DAF has provided an effluent quality greater than what is achieved with current water treatment methods in many developing nations.

Are you interested in implementing the Aerofloat DAF wastewater treatment system for your Tasmania or Brisbane business, perhaps to help with getting water discharge regulators off your back? Do you want to learn more about the Aerofloat’s potential to improve quality of life in developing countries, or about the product’s other potential applications? Visit the Aerofloat website at www.aerofloat.com.au to get more information.