The Aerofloat Difference

Aerofloat is an Australian-owned and family-run wastewater treatment company that designs, manufactures and installs wastewater treatment systems for a range of markets.

Aerofloat offers custom designed solutions utilising patented Aerofloat technology, as well as other leading-edge products to address a range of wastewater treatment requirements.

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Design & Engineering

Aerofloat’s engineers specialise in wastewater treatment and will custom design your wastewater treatment solution based on your requirements. Utilising 3D CAD modelling, proprietary technology and innovative engineering, Aerofloat uses clever designs to address a range of challenges.


Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team will manufacture your wastewater treatment systems locally and then install the system onsite to suit your build schedule. Aerofloat is a wastewater treatment company with extensive experience working on small and large jobsites.


Aerofloat offers competitive chemical supply contracts, system maintenance packages and ongoing support as your wastewater treatment company to prevent downtime and ensure your system is running efficiently.

Why Aerofloat?

Aerofloat is passionate about providing a superior offering for its clients with a number of key differentiators that puts it ahead of the standard design and delivery commonly seen.

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Proprietary Technology

Wastewater treatment company Aerofloat has several patents for its innovative technology and products. Aerofloat has developed clever adaptations of proven techniques and processes to provide you with unique and maintenance friendly product options. Thoughtful design and modern thinking are always at the forefront of Aerofloat designs.

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3D CAD Modelling

Aerofloat uses 3D CAD modelling to design your system and help you to visualise the solution prior to manufacturing. Any site challenges are addressed at the design stage, assuring you no surprises at the time of installation.

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Design Expertise

Aerofloat prides itself in being able to tackle complex wastewater problems. Working in the wastewater industry since 1973, Aerofloat’s staff skills include electrical, chemical, mechanical, process control and environmental engineering. This gives you peace of mind that all your design requirements will be covered.

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In-house Capabilities

Aerofloat manages the entire process in-house. From 3D CAD modelling and design, to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing support and maintenance. This provides you with the confidence your wastewater treatment company in control for the entire project life cycle.

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Support Guarantee

Aerofloat prides itself on providing robust and reliable solutions, delivering projects on time and on budget. As an Aerofloat client, you will have guaranteed access to Aerofloat engineers for ongoing advice and support, ensuring your system will run efficiently long after installation.

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Aerofloat is an Australian, family-owned wastewater treatment company with local manufacturing and engineering. This provides you with a proven solution with the latest manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge design.


Ray Anderson - Managing Director Aerofloat Wastewater Treatment Company

Ray Anderson

Managing Director

Ray Anderson is the Managing Director and co-founder of wastewater treatment company, Aerofloat. Ray has been working in the wastewater treatment industry since the 1970s, and in that time, has built and managed companies to deliver over 700 wastewater treatment plants for both the sewage and industrial wastewater treatment markets.

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Michael Anderson - General Manager Aerofloat Wastewater Treatment Company

Michael Anderson

General Manager, Engineering & Operations

Michael Anderson follows in his father’s footsteps with his passion for developing innovative products and clever designs to tackle even the most difficult problems in the wastewater industry. Michael is particularly known for his skills in creating detailed designs for Aerofloat's clients and holds a number of patents in his own right.

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Katie Moor - General Manager Aerofloat Wastewater Treatment Company

Katie Moor

General Manager, Business Operations

Katie Moor completes the family network, again bringing individual strengths to the Aerofloat team. As the third co-founder, Katie’s experience in the international business world, coupled with her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering has allowed Aerofloat to grow into a first-class business.

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ISO Certification

Aerofloat demonstrated its commitment as a wastewater treatment company, providing the highest standard of work practices by achieving ISO certification in three key areas: ISO 14001 : 2015– Environmental Management System, ISO 9001 : 2015 – Quality Management System, and ISO 45001 : 2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


10 Years On

Aerofloat closes out 10 years in business by winning the GreenTech Consensus Award. Previous winners of the prestigious award include Atlassian and WiseTech - Australian success stories on the international stage. With successful projects now installed across Australasia and repeat clients such as Visy, Goodman Fielder, 4Pines Brewery and Norco, Aerofloat is excited about what the next decade will bring.


Expansion: A New Era

After working almost exclusively in the industrial wastewater space, Aerofloat sees opportunities for its patented aeration design to move into the sewage wastewater treatment market. Leveraging off previous business experience in the design and construction of over 600 sewage treatment plants and coupled with extensive in-house skills in this field, it was an easy transition for the team.


Design and Innovation

After years of innovation and development, Aerofloat starts to solidify its core offering and includes several off-the-shelf 3rd party products to complement its wastewater treatment offering. Aerofloat positions itself as an overall wastewater treatment design specialist with a large product range and experience in a range of markets and industries.


Product Growth and Development

Research and development is key to Aerofloat's success and the wastewater treatment company's engineers are constantly striving to improve core products and develop new ones. The AeroMBBR is born meaning Aerofloat's third patented product is now on the market. By having a biological offering, this opens several industry doors for Aerofloat.


Leaps & Bounds: 48m3/hr

Following the successful development of the AeroDAF 100, Aerofloat's engineers develop a second patented design for a modular DAF capable of treating 48m3/hr. This greatly increases market opportunity and starts to open project opportunities with much larger wastewater flow rates.


Government Grants: 6m3/hr

After successfully installing AeroDAFs on houseboats in South Australia and Victoria, the potential for a larger system to treat industrial wastewater was clear. After extensive due diligence, Aerofloat was awarded a much-converted Commercialisation Australia Grant by the Federal Government to develop an AeroDAF 100 model, capable of treating 6m3/hr - some seven to eight times the current maximum capacity.


A Beginning: Houseboats

The world-first AeroDAF is designed for houseboats on the Murray River, South Australia. Houseboat owners required a compact, affordable, energy efficient and low maintenance solution for treating greywater. Aerofloat's engineers rethink the traditional DAF design and create a patented product that sees the birth of wastewater treatment company, Aerofloat.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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