Aftercare Service

Aerofloat prides itself on providing robust and reliable solutions.

As an Aerofloat client, you will have guaranteed access to Aerofloat’s engineers for ongoing advice and support in the aftercare stage. This ensures your system will run efficiently long after installation.


Maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system.

A wastewater treatment system should be regularly maintained and serviced to minimise downtime, maximise efficiency and ensure it complies with effluent discharge standards. This can be a significant task for some businesses, as it can require daily, weekly and monthly procedures as well as a good technical knowledge of the equipment. By engaging the Aerofloat servicing team you can prevent system outages and ensure your wastewater treatment system is working well.

Aerofloat’s team of expert engineers and service technicians can:

  • Diagnose potential problems and take steps to prevent them
  • Adjust the settings for optimal performance with minimal chemical consumption
  • Identify and replace worn parts
  • Supply spare parts at a competitive rate
  • Carry out system cleaning and general maintenance
  • Use remote login to identify problems and provide advice*
  • Attend unforeseen emergency breakdowns to get the system up and running

*Remote monitoring hardware is required for remote login capabilities.

Download Aerofloat’s System Maintenance and Chemicals Brochure


Chemical Supply

Ensure a cost-effective and hassle-free chemical supply.

Having the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is critical to achieving the required effluent quality. It can have a significant impact on the bottom line if the chemical dosage is not optimised or if you don’t have a competitive supply price. Aerofloat’s experienced engineers hand-pick the best chemicals for use in your wastewater system to ensure optimal running results, while minimising long-term costs with competitive chemical rates. As part of its ongoing servicing contracts, Aerofloat can provide ongoing monitoring to adjust and tweak your chemical needs as required.

Reduce the cost and hassle of your chemical supply by engaging Aerofloat to:

  • Select the best chemical formulations to ensure optimal performance of your equipment
  • Monitor your system to make adjustments, lower maintenance requirements and minimise chemical usage
  • Provide highly competitive rates, with further discounts for long-term contracts

To find out more about Aerofloat’s chemical supply, contact the chemical engineering team at

Download Aerofloat’s System Maintenance and Chemicals Brochure

Download Aerofloat’s Spill Kit Order Form

Sampling & Analysis

Receive expert advice from Aerofloat’s engineers to keep your business compliant.

Environmental concerns, corporate governance and regulatory compliance are the top drivers for installing a wastewater treatment system for many companies. Regular water sampling and reporting are often required by the authorities to ensure you remain compliant and to determine trade waste charges. Aerofloat’s team of engineers can manage the water sampling process for you. Aerofloat’s engineers not only organise regular independent testing, they also analyse the reports to provide ongoing advice and expertise on how to maintain or improve the performance.

Aerofloat’s engineers:

  • Remove the hassle of remaining compliant by organising regular water testing through an independent third-party provider
  • Present water reports to your company and to the authorities on your behalf
  • Ensure you remain compliant by providing custom advice on each report

Download Aerofloat’s System Maintenance and Chemicals Brochure

System Automation & Remote Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Aerofloat has you covered.

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment systems can include automated system controls and remote monitoring capabilities that allow your technician to log on and observe the system from a mobile or computer. This ensures your system controls are always within reach, even when offsite.

As part of Aerofloat’s servicing and maintenance contracts, its engineers can take this one step further by logging on to your system to make adjustments and offer advice when requested.

Most manually controlled plants can be updated to an automated system to ensure 24-hour surveillance, to collect data and enable remote monitoring.

Enabling system automation and remote monitoring functionality enables you to:

  • Ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency for best results
  • Prevent major incidences occurring by identifying potential problems ahead of time
  • Reduce downtime by responding to problems quickly

Find out how Aerofloat can make your wastewater system more efficient, reduce costs and prevent outages, by contacting the team at

Download Aerofloat’s System Maintenance and Chemicals Brochure

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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