Aerofloat installed a fully operational system within one month of quoting.

The fast-tracked project included a design that used existing system components to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective result in the required timeframe.

The Need

Significant growth in production for the company meant the previous wastewater treatment facilities required an urgent upgrade.

The Solution

Removal of the existing grease trap and the installation of an AeroDAF 100 treatment plant. The project included remote monitoring capabilities which gave Aerofloat engineers remote visibility and control over the plant if required.

The Benefit

A compliant, sustainable and safe working wastewater treatment plant ensured other efficiencies throughout the business.


All Natural Kitchen delivers nutritional and cost-effective food products to aged care facilities, hospitals, clubs, hotels and other food service outlets.

Significant growth in the company meant that the existing wastewater treatment solution was not going to meet the needs for the increased volumes of wastewater. To remain compliant, it needed an upgrade.

General Manager, Colin Hart said he looked at several wastewater treatment specialists before deciding that Aerofloat was the indisputable first choice.

“Aerofloat were refreshingly on the ball. Of all the providers we looked at, Aerofloat was the only company that completed a full site visit to inform a quote and then take the time to sit down with me to explain everything,” said Hart.

The Aerofloat Solution

The turnaround time on the project was incredibly tight, demanding a fully operational wastewater treatment system by the following month.

Michael Anderson, Manager of Operations at Aerofloat, said an essential part of the design process was making use of any existing system components to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective result for All Natural Kitchen.

“Michael gave me invaluable advice on how I could manage with the current set up, however the team at Aerofloat installed the systems so quickly that within a month of quoting, we had a fully functioning, upgraded wastewater treatment plant,” said Hart.

Aerofloat’s turnaround at the site exceeded expectations of the All Natural Kitchen team.

“In fact, we were pumping effluent through the new system by day six of installation,” added Hart.

Aerofloat removed the existing grease trap and installed its AeroDAF 100 which has a unique, patented design compared to other DAFs on the market. The pit pumps from the pre-existing waste collection pit were able to be integrated into the new design.

“We were able to incorporate the flow rates of those pumps into the design, which is around 15,000L per day. The pumps now send effluent into the Aerofloat balance tank, which corrects the pH and then feeds on to the AeroDAF 100. Any sludge is pushed off into the slimline sludge tank and the treated effluent can be discharged to sewer,” said Anderson.

Aerofloat also installed human machine interface (HMI) and remote monitoring capabilities at the All Natural Kitchen site. The HMI screen allows Aerofloat’s engineers remote visibility and control over the plant.


Aerofloat’s design meant a compliant effluent.

The suspended solids (SS) levels in the wastewater coming into the tanks change throughout the day depending on what is being produced at the site. Even changes in vegetable types from mashed potatoes to sweet potatoes or carrots mean differences in the wastewater. This was no problem for the Aerofloat design.

“The system adapts to these variations and ensures outgoing effluent is on spec each time there’s a change to incoming wastewater,” said Anderson.

“The main outcome we wanted was to ensure ongoing compliance with Sydney Water and to dramatically increase efficiencies throughout the business off the back of the new system. We now have a system that is sustainable and safely dispenses wastewater,” said Hart.

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After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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