Aerofloat helped a growing business manage its increasing wastewater.

B&E Foods contacted Aerofloat to find a solution to its wastewater challenges and meet Sydney Water’s stringent trade waste requirements.

The Need

B&E Foods had a wastewater high in suspended solids (SS), and fats, oils and grease (FOG) from its processing facility.

The Solution

Aerofloat was able to supply and install a dissolved air flotation (AeroDAF 200) unit to treat the SS and FOG to the agreed discharge requirement.

The Benefit

B&E not only met its Sydney water SS and FOG discharge requirements, it formed a long-term relationship with Aerofloat with a regular maintenance and chemical supply contract.


Boning specialists B&E Foods is a respected wholesaler of quality poultry products. B&E expanded its operations to include seafood, beef, smallgoods and antipasto.

The company has over 60 refrigerated vehicles operating daily service to its ever-expanding customer base; supplying restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, supermarket chains and other food service operators.

As one of the largest poultry processors and wholesalers in Australia it was imperative that the company met Sydney Water’s demands without disrupting operations.

The Aerofloat Solution

Aerofloat installed its patented dissolved air flotation (AeroDAF 200) unit with upfront screening, hydraulic balancing, pH correction and a flowmeter to solve B&E Foods’ wastewater issues and ensure compliance with Sydney Water’s regulations.


Aerofloat’s technology was able to meet Sydney Water’s SS and FOG discharge limits.

Aerofloat also formed a long-standing relationship with B&E Foods, servicing the system as required and offering competitive chemical supply.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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