Extremely contaminated wastewater was no problem for the AeroDAF.

The fats, oils and greases from commercial kitchen ducts resulted in highly polluted wastewater for North Coast Filter Services.

The Need

North Coast Filter Services (NCFS) needed a wastewater treatment solution to manage its highly contaminated waste that was causing issues with the local authority’s (North Coast Water) treatment facility.

The Solution

A cooperative project between NCFS and Aerofloat, which included the installation of the dissolved air flotation unit (AeroDAF 100) to manage the highly contaminated waste.

The Benefit

NCFS were able to install an affordable solution to manage its wastewater treatment needs and satisfy North Coast Water’s requirements.


North Coast Filter Services (NCFS)  cleans filters from kitchen ducts in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

As such the water used to clean the filters becomes highly contaminated with fats, oils and greases (FOG). NCFS were under pressure from North Coast Water to treat its wastewater due to the heavy load it was putting on the local treatment plant.

The Aerofloat Solution

Aerofloat was contracted to design the treatment plant and supply its patented dissolved air flotation unit – AeroDAF 100.

NCFS completed most of the installation and auxiliary procurement itself while being advised remotely by Aerofloat’s engineers. Aerofloat then visited the completed site to carry out the commissioning of the plant and train its staff.


NCFS produced compliant effluent to satisfy North Coast Water.

Aerofloat also provides ongoing operational support for the treatment facility and has recently assisted in an upgrade of the facility.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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