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Clever mining sewage treatment plant meets rapid population growth

National Resources Review talked to Aerofloat’s General Manager, Michael Anderson about its sewage treatment plant at a New South Wales gold mining site.

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Mining sites need to balance fluctuating settlement numbers and dramatic increases in peak wastewater and sewage flow rates. Aerofloat worked with a central New South Wales gold mining site facing a rapid population growth of up to 50 per cent as well as further increases expected in the future. The sewage treatment plant needed to be flexible, robust and innovative to ensure it could meet demand in a short timeframe.

Anderson spoke to National Resources Review about how Aerofloat upgraded the existing sewage treatment plant to treat domestic sewage and wastewater on site.

Aerofloat’s engineers installed its patented Sequencing Batch Reactor (AeroSBR) technology to meet the site’s sewage and wastewater daily flow rates. Anderson said Aerofloat’s AeroSBR system allows the remote site to have a sustainable treatment solution and ensures a small environmental footprint.

“We designed our system to integrate with the existing irrigation that irrigates surrounding bushland, thereby reducing the capital costs of the system.”

Aerofloat completed the installation and commissioning of the system on time to ensure minimal downtime at the site.

“We’ve also installed remote monitoring at the site so that our engineers can log on and monitor remotely from Sydney, and also optimise the system for the operators,” said Anderson.

Read full article in National Resources Review

Aerofloat offers its innovative solutions for mining sewage treatment plants around Australia. Its innovative technology for mine sites and remote communities reduces costs whilst ensuring a robust and sustainable solution. Speak to Aerofloat’s engineers to discuss your sewage and wastewater treatment requirements. Contact Aerofloat



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