Announcements - February 21, 2022

Home-grown wastewater company Aerofloat has taken out another award – this time winning Growth Potential’s Overall Excellence in Business. Greg Betty, Director at Growth Potential said that the award recognised Aerofloat’s astounding growth in recent years as well as its commitment to staff, clients and the Australian wastewater industry.

Growth Potential Australia’s annual awards recognise growth in small businesses across multiple areas.

“We offer awards in multiple areas each year to selected companies, however this particular award is our most prestigious. It recognises Aerofloat as a company that has successfully driven significant improvements to its processes and developed multiple facets of business, including marketing and sales, project delivery, culture and team development,” said Betty.

Aerofloat is familiar with being in the spotlight. In recent years it has won a Consensus GreenTech Award for innovative designs in the plastics recycling industry and an AusIndustry Accelerating Commercialisation Grant from the Federal Government. The company also holds IMS certification in multiple international standards.

General Manager of Business Operations at Aerofloat, Katie Moor, said winning the award was a terrific honour and a great way to celebrate the growth the company had achieved.

“Aerofloat is an end-to-end business – we take pride in ensuring the best service and support for our clients from start to finish. Being end-to-end means that there are multiple areas where we demand excellence from our team, whether it’s designing, manufacturing, installing or offering support through our After Care program,” said Moor.

“Winning this award demonstrates Aerofloat’s commitment to achieving ongoing excellence in everything we do, at every touchpoint, for the lifetime of every project,” she added.

Moor has worked closely with Growth Potential’s leadership guru, Tim Wolfenden, to navigate the challenges a rapidly growing business and team presents.

“We commend companies who devote time to driving business growth internally. Upskilling staff through training and valuable mentoring builds company loyalty internally and ensures a stronger brand externally,” said Wolfenden.

“Aerofloat was the stand-out company deserving of this award thanks to its unwavering commitment to progressive education of its leadership team and staff,” said Wolfenden.

Aerofloat has a culture of continuous improvement that began when the Australian, family-owned company first put down roots over a decade ago. Its team of engineers and support staff is committed to continually improving its work practices.

“Quality and safety have always been integral to Aerofloat. A culture of improvement is important in everything we do, it’s what drives us and what makes us innovative,” said Moor.

Aerofloat’s clients have come to expect the highest quality of service and support from its team of expert engineers. Aerofloat has extensive experience treating wastewater across multiple industries, including plastics recycling, food manufacturing and industrial, plus treating sewage for mining camps and remote accommodation.

Growth Potential Australia supports Australian businesses with building leadership and improving business acumen.

“We are proud of our Aerofloat team – we’ve achieved this award together,” said Moor.

Read more about Aerofloat’s achievements.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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