From microbreweries to mainstream brewers, Aerofloat can provide a fit-for-purpose solution for all your wastewater needs.

Aerofloat has worked with several breweries to ensure they meet wastewater discharge obligations. From full treatment systems at major breweries like 4 Pines, to simple and affordable pH correction systems at start-up microbreweries, including Marsden Brewhouse, Devil’s Elbow, Golden Hills Brewery, Atomic and the Gage Road Breweries.

As a brewery increases its product volume, its wastewater treatment needs increase. Aerofloat’s patented AeroDAF technology offers a compact and odour-free solution that allows for company growth. Automated chemical dosing, chemical make-up, level control, wastewater blending and pH correction means the AeroDAF is a set-and-forget system. The unique self-cleaning shape of the AeroDAF, with its hopper top and bottom tanks that recirculates any settled solids which may occur, also prevents the need for routine cleaning.

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