Finding sustainable wastewater practices is imperative to the fruit and vegetable processing industry given the high water use.

The initial steps of fruit and vegetable processing often create a heavy load of grit and dirt, as well as chemicals in the wastewater. Further down the line, fruit and vegetable processing facilities can have a very different wastewater makeup; such as sugar contamination and varying pH ranges.

Aerofloat has completed a variety of wastewater treatment projects for the fruit and vegetable processing industry. The treated water can be reused for irrigation or washwater in some situations.

Prior to project commencement, Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of the wastewater, conduct thorough jar testing, and review existing data trends to provide input to the wastewater treatment design. Aerofloat’s 3D models of the proposed design mean there are no surprises for the client prior to project commencement.

Ensuring the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is critical to achieving a compliant effluent quality. Aerofloat’s chemical engineering team hand-pick the chemicals for your wastewater treatment system to ensure a compliant effluent and low-cost operations.

Aerofloat can also offer ongoing support such as system servicing to ensure optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system.

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