Managing the high loads of fats, oils and grease (FOG), suspended solids (SS), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) from meat processing wastewater can be challenging.

The high FOG and SS loads in meat processing wastewater can have detrimental effects on local municipal treatment plants and the connecting pipelines. The wastewater may also be high in BOD and COD levels for some meat processing products, requiring a different level of treatment.

The manufacturing process and ensuing effluent quality will determine the level of wastewater treatment required in order to meet the local authority’s standards. Prior to proposing a solution to the client, Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of the current wastewater comparative to local discharge requirements. Aerofloat’s team then conducts extensive jar testing of the existing wastewater using hand-picked chemicals, and reviews current data trends, before considering the design.

Aerofloat’s engineers are proficient in sophisticated 3D modelling, so any proposed design is clearly presented and understood prior to project commencement. The design models are also invaluable for new building projects where evidence of a wastewater treatment plan is required to gain development approval.

Aerofloat has a range of products available to design a fit-for-purpose wastewater treatment plant applicable to the meat processing industry. For example, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) products have been implemented successfully  to remove high levels of FOG and SS in meat processing effluent, and Aerofloat’s biological treatment systems are superior to other market options at removing BOD and COD.

Aerofloat can also plan for wastewater reuse and even the recovery of valuable commodities via the treatment process, for further rendering.

Aerofloat’s strong aftercare business ensures that each client is supported well after project completion.

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