The degree of produce washing required in potato processing creates a significant amount of wastewater. Aerofloat can assist in managing this process wastewater and potentially treat it to a quality fit for reuse.

Grit, dirt and even chemicals can contaminate the wastewater in the potato processing industry. Chip manufacturing also creates wastewater that is high in fats, oils and grease (FOG), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD).

Aerofloat can support your potato processing business with a fit-for-purpose wastewater treatment system. The treated wastewater may even be reused for irrigation and washwater in some designs, creating highly sustainable operations.

Aerofloat’s engineers conduct significant jar testing to identify the wastewater challenges at your plant and review existing data trends to provide input to the wastewater treatment design. 3D models of the proposed design created by Aerofloat’s expert team mean you can digitally ‘walk through’ the new design prior to project commencement.

Ensuring the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is essential. Aerofloat’s chemical engineering team hand-pick the chemicals required to ensure a compliant effluent and cost-effective operation.

Aerofloat can also offer ongoing support such as system servicing to ensure optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system.

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