The variety of processing steps in the poultry processing industry can produce by-products that contaminate wastewater.

Wastewater from poultry product manufacturing can lead to high levels of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and suspended solids (SS), which cause issues for local municipal treatment plants and the connecting pipelines. Poultry product wastewater may also be high in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels, requiring a different level of treatment to ensure compliancy with council standards. In addition to this, larger solids such as feathers and particulates require upfront screening to avoid damaging downstream equipment.

Prior to proposing a wastewater treatment solution, Aerofloat can analyse your manufacturing process and ensuing effluent quality to determine the level of wastewater treatment required to meet the local authority’s regulations. Aerofloat’s team also conducts extensive jar testing of the existing wastewater and reviews current data trends, before considering a fit-for-purpose design.

All of Aerofloat’s designs are clearly presented and understood prior to project commencement via 3D modelling. The design models are also invaluable for new building projects where evidence of a wastewater treatment plan is required prior to gaining development approval.

Aerofloat’s patented technology offers the poultry manufacturing industry a range of wastewater treatment solutions. Aerofloat’s Dissolved Air Flotation (AeroDAF) products remove high levels of FOG and SS from the wastewater, and its biological treatment systems remove BOD and COD. See the case studies on Cordina Chickens, Specialised Chickens and B&E Foods for how Aerofloat can ensure a compliant, cost-effective solution for poultry processing plants.

Aerofloat’s strong aftercare business ensures that each client is supported well after project completion.

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