Understanding the wastewater impurities specific to the soft drink and juice industry is integral to delivering a successful wastewater treatment solution.

Wastewater from the soft drink industry is typically characterised by high readings in biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) – elevated predominately by the soluble sugars. Aerofloat offers several biological treatment options to degrade the soluble sugars in wastewater, and a patented aeration system that is easy to operate and maintain.

Pulp and solids in juice manufacturing can also form part of the wastewater problem: Aerofloat has a range of up front screening options that can manage this. Another common problem is that the sugars in the wastewater can ferment which leads to the formation of organic acids and hence the lowering of the pH. Aerofloat has standard pH correction systems to assist with pH compliance.

Regardless of whether you need a simple pH correction unit, a screening system or a complete biological wastewater treatment solution, Aerofloat’s patented technology ensures a cost-effective and low maintenance solution.

To provide the best design choice to meet your needs, Aerofloat’s engineers conduct significant effluent jar testing and review existing data trends. Following this, Aerofloat’s 3D models of the proposed design mean you can digitally ‘walk through’ the new design prior to project commencement.

Ensuring the correct chemistry in your wastewater treatment system is essential to achieving a compliant effluent quality. Aerofloat’s chemical engineering team hand-pick the chemicals required to comply with regulations. Aerofloat can also offer ongoing support, such as system servicing, to ensure optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system.

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