Greywater treatment has multiple applications, including residential water reuse.

In 2009, Aerofloat’s founders developed a patented Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system for the treatment of greywater for houseboats. The South Australian EPA had legislated that all houseboats on the Murray River must treat or contain their greywater instead of discharging it directly into the river.

Aerofloat successfully completed the rigorous certification testing stipulated for greywater discharge by the South Australian EPA.

Aerofloat was awarded a patent for its novel design, revolutionising conventional DAF principles to offer a system for houseboats that was compact, energy efficient, simple to use, sealed and fully vented. Today, Aerofloat has over 130 units on houseboats across South Australia and Victoria.

With continuing drought conditions and growing water shortages across Australia, greywater treatment and reuse is becoming more necessary. Many housing developments are looking to treat and reuse greywater for toilet flushing, irrigation and washdown water. Aerofloat’s products are applicable to greywater treatment and reuse in residential developments and high rise office blocks, assisting in green star ratings.

Aerofloat’s products for greywater treatment and water reuse include:

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