Aerofloat’s award-winning AeroDAF system for houseboat greywater is where it all began.

Aerofloat’s first mini-AeroDAF was specifically designed for the treatment of greywater from houseboats on the Murray River, South Australia. The compact, energy efficient, and maintenance friendly design saw the Aerofloat DAF installed on over 120 boats on the Murray River. Greywater treatment on the houseboats in Lake Eildon in Victoria are also meeting discharge standards via the AeroDAF.

Aerofloat is the only company to have completed the rigorous certification testing program to comply with AS 4995-2009. The 10 week testing program was independently conducted by the University of New South Wales in 2010.

Aerofloat has several system sizes and designs available for houseboats. Its engineers can tackle difficult design challenges, including management of tight spaces or larger treatment volumes from bigger vessels. Many of the Lake Eildon houseboats have an AeroDAF model specifically designed to fit inside the hull of the houseboat. For larger vessel projects, Aerofloat’s digital 3D modelling capability ensures you are happy with the system’s appearance and maintenance access points prior to installation.

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