Australia’s water scarcity means that clever and effective wastewater management is critical to ensuring sustainable development.

With regular drought’s in Australia and water scarcity a global concern, sustainable water practices are becoming essential. Many new residential developments and high rise office blocks, are treating greywater (typically shower and laundry water) for reuse as irrigation water, car wash water or for toilet flushing. Achieving sustainable water use can increase the development’s green star rating.

Aerofloat’s products are suited to a range of greywater treatment applications, including:

  • Greywater treatment from large residential buildings and high rise office blocks
  • Greywater treatment and potential reuse on mine sites
  • Commercial laundries

Depending on the ultimate use of the treated effluent, Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs) or AeroDAF can be used. Depending on the process, sand filtration, ultra filtration, chlorination and UV disinfection are used to supplement the main process.

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