Industrial wastewater systems span a number of markets.

The need for compliant, wastewater management is critical to business success.  There are very few industries that do not produce process wastewater as a by-product of their manufacturing.  From washwater to boiler blow downs, Aerofloat has managed a multitude of different strength wastewaters. The engineers at Aerofloat have extensive experience in the wastewater industry, and a passion for really understanding the chemistry of the wastewater and which industrial wastewater system is needed to tackle the problem.

The versatility and effectiveness of Aerofloat’s products ensure a unique industrial wastewater system can be designed for most applications. Whether it be with Aerofloat’s core patented technology using traditional techniques combined with clever, innovative engineering or one of the many other products on offer, the overall treatment plant designed by our team of engineers will provide a complete solution for your industrial wastewater needs.

Aerofloat supports Australian and overseas businesses’ commitment to the environment by designing comprehensive wastewater systems that are efficient and sustainable.

Aerofloat’s engineers have an intimate understanding of the chemistry of challenging wastewaters and can ensure a design to match the requirements of your local council. With increasingly stringent discharge limits and the subsequent rising trade waste costs, an affordable and effective industrial wastewater system is essential.

A suitable, well-designed system ensures your process wastewater is effectively treated while minimising operational costs and time spent on system maintenance. Aerofloat’s systems are designed to be low maintenance, compact and cost-effective. Aerofloat’s engineers also help you to maintain optimal performance of your industrial wastewater system long after installation by providing remote support and/or on-site servicing.

Aerofloat’s industrial wastewater system offering includes:

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