Contaminants in wastewater from the personal care and beauty industry are highly variable and often require a specialised solution.

Aerofloat offers simple, cost-effective and compact wastewater treatment designs that can manage the complex and varied by-products from the industry, ensuring you meet effluent discharge standards.

Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of your wastewater comparative to local discharge requirements, conduct thorough jar testing and chemical analysis of your existing wastewater, and review any current data trends. Aerofloat’s engineers are proficient in sophisticated 3D modelling, so any proposed design is clearly presented and understood prior to project commencement.

Aerofloat understands how to treat the contaminants found in beauty product wastewater to ensure a compliant solution for your business. Aerofloat’s systems can also create opportunities for wastewater reuse, saving you on both trade waste charges and water usage costs.

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