Managing the complex by-products to achieve a compliant effluent in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to business success.

Pharmaceutical chemicals are designed to be biologically active, which means the industry receives scrutiny from the water authorities on how businesses are managing the disposal of their wastewater.

Aerofloat offers cost-effective and compact wastewater treatment designs that can manage the complex and varied by-products from the industry, ensuring you meet council discharge standards. Aerofloat offers a range of system designs, including its patented dissolved air flotation (AeroDAF) technology and a variety of biological treatment systems.

Aerofloat’s engineers analyse the constituents of your current wastewater, compared to local discharge requirements, conduct thorough jar testing and chemical analysis, and review any current data trends, to provide input to the treatment design. Sophisticated 3D digital models of the proposed solution allow you to visualise the design prior to installation.

Aerofloat can treat the contaminants found in pharmaceutical wastewater to ensure a compliant solution for your business.

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