The plastics recycling industry is growing rapidly: Aerofloat’s award-winning wastewater treatment system meets the demand.

The global focus on sustainable practices has seen rapid growth for plastics recycling industry. Aerofloat has developed an award-winning, fit-for-purpose solution for the industry that allows washwater reuse.

In 2019, Aerofloat was awarded a prestigious Green Tech Consensus Award for its unique plant design for the plastics recycling industry. Aerofloat is seen as a true enabler to this emerging industry with several systems already installed and a number in the pipeline. Previous recipients include Atlassian and WiseTech Global.

The initial cleaning and separating process in plastics recycling requires large volumes of recirculating washwater. This water becomes contaminated (often with dairy components from ice-cream, yoghurt and milk containers), and requires regular replacement to avoid odours and contamination of the final recycled product.

Replacing the washwater can be a costly exercise. Aerofloat’s unique design uses its patented aeration system to treat washwater to a standard suitable for reuse in the washwater tank, saving significant water usage and costs.

Depending on the individual project, Aerofloat can include its AeroMBBR and AeroDAF products to create a custom design. Aerofloat’s design is easy to operate and maintain as well as cost-effective and reliable.

With several systems already installed, and a number in the pipeline, contact Aerofloat today to discuss options for your plastics recycling plant.

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