Wastewater from the pulp and paper industry typically contains fine fibrous material and starch from the gluing processes.

Aerofloat has extensive experience working with corrugated cardboard manufacturer, Visy and can effectively analyse flow and composition wastewater data to assist in the best plant design for your business.

Aerofloat has a range of products available to design a fit-for-purpose wastewater treatment plant for your pulp and paper business. Following initial discussions with your team, Aerofloat’s engineers conduct careful examination of your current wastewater via thorough jar testing and chemical analysis. Aerofloat then offers sophisticated digital 3D modelling of the proposed design so you can visualise and understand the system prior to installation.

Aerofloat ensures a compliant solution for your business and can create opportunities for wastewater reuse, saving you on both trade waste charges and water usage costs.

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