Aerofloat’s unique sewage treatment plant design provides a maintenance friendly solution for small townships.

Aerofloat offers simple sewage treatment plant (STP) solutions for small towns with a population of up to 3000 individuals.

Small town STPs can be designed off-site and transported with most of the mechanical components fully assembled and pre-wired. Lightweight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks offer a durable, low-cost alternative to stainless steel or painted carbon steel tanks. These can be delivered to site and generally involve simply connecting the pipework.

Aerofloat’s patented aeration system is easy to operate and maintain, and is fully automated. Additional modules can be installed or removed as required, minimising your financial outlay.

Aerofloat’s Managing Director, Ray Anderson, founded and managed a previous business that designed and installed over 500 sewage treatment plants around Australia. Aerofloat’s latest technology and expertise provide unique, reliable and effective sewage treatment solutions.

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