Effective sewage treatment is critical for long term sustainability for sport and recreation camps.

Sport and recreation camps experience significant variations in flow rates depending on occupancy. Aerofloat understands these changing parameters and can design a cost-effective sewage treatment plant (STP) equipped to handle variable peak loads.

Aerofloat offers a range of technologies depending on the location and the treatment standards required. Aerofloat’s STP designs typically include lightweight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks rather than stainless steel or painted carbon steel tanks.

Adapting Aerofloat’s award-winning, patented aeration design, its STP systems are simple and cost-effective. For remote locations, most of the mechanical components arrive in a container fully assembled, pre-wired and ready to go. The lightweight HDPE tanks are delivered to site – installation generally means simply connecting the pipework.

Aerofloat’s STP designs are scalable and modular which means they can be flexibly designed for populations between 100 and 3000 individuals. Additional modules can be designed, but not installed, for a ‘future state’ scenario, minimising your upfront capital costs.

Aerofloat’s plants are maintenance friendly and have a fully automated system for process control and the capability for Aerofloat engineers to remotely monitor the plant at the client’s request.

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