Treated process wastewater can be reused for many applications, including irrigation, washwater, toilet water flushing and even boiler feed water.

Water shortages and prolonged drought conditions along with the rising cost of water and changes in water regulations, means treating wastewater to a reusable standard has a strong case in today’s climate. Aerofloat has completed several projects where the process wastewater has been treated to an effluent quality suitable for reuse.

Aerofloat won a highly respected Consensus Award in 2019 for its work in the treatment and reuse of wash water in the plastics recycling industry. Aerofloat also completed a large project for packaging group, Visy, where the highly contaminated inky wastewater could be treated to a quality suitable for reuse as boiler feed water with the RO reject being used to make starch solutions.

Aerofloat’s engineers are experts in identifying opportunities for water reuse.

Aerofloat’s designs in the water reuse space include:

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