Reusing process wastewater can provide financial savings and may be required to comply with effluent discharge standards.

If your manufacturing process uses large volumes of water and produces significant quantities of wastewater, Aerofloat may be able to assist you to provide a more sustainable operation. Aerofloat can treat the wastewater by-product of a range of manufacturing facilities to a standard suitable for reuse.

Aerofloat’s chemical engineers are experienced in treating challenging wastewaters in order to meet even the most stringent and reuse standards.

Aerofloat completed a large project for Visy group in a remote part of New Zealand, where the manufacturing plant was not connected to the sewer line. The local authorities demanded that the heavily contaminated process wastewater be treated to a level suitable for discharge. Aerofloat was able to treat the inky wastewater to a quality suitable for irrigation purposes, or for reuse in the starch makeup and the boiler feed – resulting in a totally closed loop recycle system.

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