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The Need

Aerofloat was contracted to provide an upgrade to the existing plastics recycling wastewater treatment facility to meet growth at the site.

“Aerofloat was contracted to remove fine plastics from the plastics recycling wastewater at the Martogg facility,” said Michael Anderson, GM of Projects and Engineering for Aerofloat.

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The solution

Aerofloat’s wastewater treatment system includes a vibrating screen, pH correction tank and clarifier to ensure compliant pH prior to discharge to sewer.

Additional technology was installed to allow for future reuse of the treated water in the recycling plant.

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The benefit

Aerofloat’s system was fitted with remote monitoring to ensure ongoing support from Aerofloat’s engineers in Sydney long after project completion.

Aerofloat’s solution satisfies SE Waters tradewaste requirements for solids, pH and wastewater flow rates.

Aerofloat ensured a robust wastewater treatment solution that treats high wastewater flows for the plastics recycling plant.

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