Greywater treatment for houseboats is where it all began for Aerofloat. Today greywater treatment has many more applications, including residential water reuse.

With continuing drought conditions and growing water shortages, greywater treatment and reuse is becoming more and more necessary in today’s environment.  Many housing developments are looking to treat and reuse greywater for toilet flushing, irrigation and wash down water.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in the greywater treatment market and also offers independent testing of its AeroDAF to treat and manage greywater effectively.

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Aerofloat has its own patented DAF technology in the AeroDAF, designed to provide a compact, low maintenance and affordable DAF solution.  The AeroDAF has been successfully used in greywater treatment on a global scale.

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AeroCIRC DAF is a traditional stainless steel, top scraper, open DAF with some unique design features to enhance system maintenance and cleaning.

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Household greywater can typically contain fine particulates and solids:  Aerofloat therefore recommends that upfront screening be installed to protect and preserve the downstream equipment.

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In most greywater treatment processes, but particularly if greywater is being reused, disinfection is essential as the final treatment step. Aerofloat has various disinfection options to suit each client’s needs and preferences.

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