Sometimes all that is needed to achieve compliancy with wastewater discharge, is a simple pH correction system.

Aerofloat has designed and installed several simple and reliable pH correction systems for various industries.

Aerofloat has extensive experience in designing and understanding pH correction of wastewater in large complex plants. This includes the chemical dosing system, blending/mixing and reliable pH measuring/recording equipment.  It is a crucial element to a successful wastewater treatment plant.  It is from this knowledge that Aerofloat has been able to design simple, standalone pH correction systems.

From a skid mounted, plug and play system for the microbrewery industry to a more sophisticated, high flow pH correction process for a confectionary company – Aerofloat has the expertise to design a fit-for-purpose solution.

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pH Correction

Aerofloat has created a simple unit for pH correction for the microbrewery industry, and has designed a number of higher flow, chemical dosing systems for pH management of wastewater.

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